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Ancestors Gallery

Photographs of people connected to Claiborne County Tennessee
Please click photographs for enlargements.


Benjamin F. Hopson with his son Raymond.
Born April 23, 1877.
Ben was the son of Lieurinday J. Hopson,
daughter of Danial Hopson and Catharine (Harrell) Carter.

Dillacy (Carter) & Francis (Carter) Harrell Ryder,
daughters of Josiah P. Carter & Catharine (Harrell).
Dillacy was born Dec 25, 1847, d. Mar 1, 1935
Francis was born Apr 21 or 29, 1851


Ernest Moody Hopson
Born Apr 10, 1890, d. May 10, 1967
Ernest was the son of
George Samuel Hopson & Eunice Hopson


Laura Elizabeth (Hurst) with her husband
James Franklin Carter.
Laura was the daughter of Marion J. Hurst
& Elizabeth (Taylor).
James was the son of Dillacy Carter.
Laura was born Jun 10, 1877, d. Feb 2, 1966
James was born Nov 12 1873, d. Sep 16 1962


Lieurinday J. Hopson
Daughter of Danial Hopson &
Catharine (Harrell) Carter, b. May 12 1856



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