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Ancestors Gallery

Photographs of people connected to Claiborne County Tennessee
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Sylvester & Jane Wells Whitted

Sylvester Whited was born March 17, 1834  to Wiley & Ollie Lowery Whitted and died August 12, 1911.  Sylvester's grandparents were Thomas & Susannah Harper Whitted.  Sylvester enlisted for the UNION ARMY on September 9, 1861 in Jeffersonville, IN.

His wife, Jane Wells was born  May 16, 1831 and died January 28, 1898..  Jane's parents were John & Nancy Smith Wells of Claiborne Co, TN.

 He and Jane along with their family were living in Putnam Co, IN by the middle 1860's.  They were born in Claiborne Co, TN and died in Putnam Co, IN


Claiborn Preston & Lucinda Lowry Whited

Claiborn "C. P." Whited was born April 24, 1886
 in Tennessee and died on April 24, 1866 in Sharps Chapel, Union Co,TN  He was the son of Thomas and Susannah Whited.

His wife, Louisiana "Lucinda" Lowry Whited, was born November 30, 1811 in TN and died October 20, 1891, also in Sharps Chapel.  Her parents are not known at this time.

They were married about 1830 and had 14 children.  After their deaths, they were buried in the Whited family cemetery in Sharps Chapel, but were later disinterred by the Tennessee Valley Authority during the building of Norris Dam and moved to Big Barren Memorial Cemetery on December 20, 1935.

Alvis was the son of Claiborne Preston & Lucinda Lowery Whited.   Alvis was born  in Claiborne Co. in 1830 and married in Claiborne Co, (perhaps marriage was in Union County as part of Claiborne county became Union County in late 1850 or soon after that year.

He was married to Rachel Russell.

Names of Children :  William Henry, Charlie, Sally & Mary

This family went to New Hope, Alabama by 1869 at least.  Madison County, Alabama.  Alvis was a State Representative for Alabama for several years.
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